That Day I Said I Love You

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*A GOT7 fanfic*

Yoo Ae (A) coincidentally met her childhood buddy, Jaebum, in school, after many years of not seeing him. She found out that the Jaebum she used to know is different now, that she grew awkward with him.

Jaebum is now the son of the University's biggest stock holder and is very famous around the campus for his good looks, talent and wealth.

None on Yoo Ae's knowing that Jaebum is secretly in love with her since their childhood, but is too cowardly to tell her, that he decided to not show himself to her and had been only satisfied with watching her from afar and asking her brother, Yugyeom, news about her.

And when finally destiny led their way to meet again, and Jaebum decided to be more brave about his feelings for her, Yoo Ae met Mark, who is a very mysterious guy, and caught her interest that she declared herself as his ultimate fangirl.

However, Mark is one of Jaebum's best buddies.

Will Jaebum still find his way to Yoo Ae's heart?

Or will Mark become a total hindrance for him?

Read to find out!

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