The Mafia King - completed


Emma Louise Suspense/Thriller

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Daniele, Gianni, Armani, Santino Robustelli are the sons of Valerio Robustelli A well known business man in Italy with many contacts Gianni is set to take over his fathers business with his at enty o the only catch is he has to find a wife. He has just the girl in mind Alora Benson who he met almost eight years ago when they moved to the U.K. they were good friends well a lot more than good friends she was his first love but due to family circumstances his family had to leave and move back to Italy. Now he’s back in the U.K to find her and take her back to Italy with him for their wedding. He has no idea of his Italian life of what his family were they were ordinary people to her, will she realise that he is intact the Mafia king and their marriage will seal a lot of business deals within the Mafia circle.


Tags: darkfamilyarranged marriagemanipulativepowerfultwistedno-couplescaryfriendshipmultiple personality
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Authors note

If you enjoyed reading this story please continue to read the sequel : Assassination. This story is based on Cora  Lorenzza (Mia Lupa)  The story begins when Cora os about to turn 16 and is enjoying  life in the U.K. with her guardians the  Lorenzza’s. After a heart filled good bye form her mother Vallea Lupa she heads to the……