Abducted for revenge, Bound for love


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Alone. Broken. Scared
Abigail Summer ran away from campus in search of refuge in her father’s home. She thought the pain she was in was going to kill her, that was until she crossed his path.

Betrayed. Bitter. Vengeful
Lorenzo ran his life by a simple rule. No one betrayed him, especially where money was concerned.

Now he is forced to face that betrayal and he will do anything to get his revenge, even if it means visiting the s of the father on the daughter.


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Chapter 22

In as much as Lorenzo would have loved to remain arrogant and rude, he was faced with the reality that he would not make it out of the forest without Abigail’s help.

The bullet wound in his shoulder throbbed mercilessly. He began to actually wish he had taken a good dose of painkillers before they had left the h……