Gideon's Love


Merrily Malicious LGBT+

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On hiatus for health reasons.
Shifter, steamy rom com.
Finns’ eyes filled his face as he tried to take in Gideon all at one time. Gideon slightly bent his head as he walked in the door so he wouldn’t graze the top of his head on the doorframe. His shoulders were wide and bulky, with muscles straining against a faded black t-shirt with a superhero logo on the front, a big barrel chest leading down to a narrow waist and mile long legs with tree trunk thighs encased in dark blue jeans. His eyes quickly flicked over Gideon’s no-no area and blushed when he wondered what was there. Finn took a deep breath as his eyes swung back up to Gideon’s face. He wasn’t looking at Finn yet since his mom was talking to him, but that gave Finn time to admire the perfect bone structure on his tanned giant.

Finn shook his head, clearing it of that last thought. No, not his. He thought Dade was the most handsome werewolf he had ever seen, but Finn quickly realized it was because he had never seen Gideon. He knows he’s gawking with his mouth open, but he can’t help it.

Sequel to Claiming His Omega. Can be read as a stand alone.

Steamy scenes. There will be smut. MxB, bl. 18+, possible triggers, curse words, age gap.


Tags: age gapopposites attractshiftersensitiveomegamxbhumorouswerewolvescitypackStary Writing Academy III
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Cleaning Up to Get Dirty

Gideon stepped into a bright room, and Finn squeezed his eyes shut and blinked rapidly. He must have been in the dark longer than he thought. He struggled to get his eyes adjusted, and Gideon must have sensed his plight. He set him down gently on a sofa and went to the window to close the blinds.

Finn released a relieved sigh and looked ……


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