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Brooke is starting her last year of high school but when her in brother and his best friende home from their four months away at a college soccer retreat this change. Brooke had a small crust on Nathan (Brothers BFF) but she brushed it of because she knew her brother would never allow it that is until she sees him again after four months. When Nathan came back for soccer he sees that Brooke as grown up. Will they end up together despite Brookes brothers rule? Read and find out.

He looked at me and spoke, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” He laughs not buying it. “Fine. He always acts like he oversees me and this summer when her was not here was just different. Don’t get me wrong I missed him, but it was nice not having him to always correct me or bepared to.”
“I’m sorry. Maybe I could talk to him for you and get him to lay off a little.” He offers.
“The problem is I don’t think it matters.” I need to calm down. I start taking deep breaths.
“Hey, its okay calm down I’ll try talking to him.” He pulls me into a tight hug tofort me.
“It doesn’t matter I’m done letting him do this. He can’t tell me what to do anymore.” I pull away a little and cup his face in my hands pulling him and kissing him.


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