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She is not your average 17 years old; she is more. More daring, more fierce, strong-willed and tenacious. Norabel is nearing the time to move on to the next phase of her life, college. Though she is not about to settle for the ordinary life of a suburbia wife and should jump at the opportunity to dash out of her small town by escaping to college, she also knows college is not her next destination. There is something more waiting for her. She knows a different path lay ahead of her and a night at a bonfire party proves just how right she is.

With the help of an incredibly handsome and skilled Seraph called Keelan, his sassy sister, Max and witty brother Roman, Nora comes to know of her true heritage. She is a Seraph. A race of warriors created since before the time of the biblical great flood, charged with protecting mankind from Nephilims and demons. However, Nora was more powerful than any Seraph and special. She is a direct descendant of Archangel Michael, making her blood the only key that can free a vicious prince of Hell, Asmodeus.
Book 1 of this fantasy series saw Nora coming to terms with her new identity as a Seraph while escaping hordes of demons from hell on her heels, with the help of her new friends and love.


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Marisa sat by the kitchen dining table, dejected. She had been doing the same thing for over a week since her daughter was carried off into a mist. Every night, Marisa came into an empty house. She would sit in the kitchen for hours, waiting for her daughter. She’d stare at the direction Keelan had opened a pink mist he ……


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