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When I applied for an Assistant's job for Mr Black, the owner of the Black and Son's enterprise I never quite imagined the kind of work I would end up doing. I never expected to end up being the assistant to his son...Lucas Black. He had trouble written all over him and he never even tried to hide it. He does not consider that what he does can affect his family, their business and reputation, as long as he has a party to attend and a woman to screw. He is selfish, only thinks about himself and that is where I come in.

My Job? To keep him out of trouble, out of the press and help show the world he is not such a bad boy but I never realized how much hard work he would be. Until I met him I have never been surrounded by someone like him. I was meant to be keeping him out of trouble, but I never realized how much having him in my life was gonna change things for me. I find myself doing things I never thought I would be doing while still trying to stay professional. I know I should have quit after that first night but he drew me in like a moth to his flame.

I was only meant to be his assistant, it never took long before it became more than that, before what we were doing was forbidden. Only if I knew how much trouble he was gonna get me in, I would never have agreed to take the job in the first place.


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