Fabiana Gonçalves Romance

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'scatter away, dandelion, and let your dying breath be as beautiful as the petals ripped off your heart'

Odd episodes in a picturesque village had Rose's life balancing in a tightrope.

In a world where witches bend the heavens and gods cater to their needs, she finds her demise amidst a female brigade and a game of Russian Roulette.

Stripped down of her Catholic beliefs, Rose is confronted with a past she knows nothing of, a life too extraordinaire to be hers, and a lonely man.

A tale of gods, witches, and their sins.


Tags: PossessiveSexReincarnationAge GapKarma/DestinyOpposites AttractRegencyArranged MarriageRoyaltyBxG
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Chapter One

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  LONG gone was the chattering inside the tiny pub in the outskirts of London, and she'd been sitting by the entrance for so long that even the spiders had grown fond of her presence.

Her jet black hair brushed against the tinted glass as she gazed at the crowded street outsid……