Intertwine (Book 3)

Ridiculous Vampire/Werewolf

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Book 3 to the Sex with a Beast Series

Many helped. Some had gone to take to the trees and town in search of her. I, vulnerable and in pain, stayed on the stoop of my steps, my mind left to wander.

I could hear little footsteps before a warm presence sat next to me.

"Why would they take her?" I looked away from Jess. I had no real answers to give.

They left nothing. Not a note. No item. Just the unsettling yet lingering smell of a vampire's stench that only they could smell.

"Where is Jason?"

As Aniyah slips in to a world of depression, Jason desperately tries to find the answer to the most asked question.

Where is Terra Ross?

With endless nights and the help of a few unexpected allies, the pack searches for Aniyah's mother before it is too late.

(Book 3 of 4 books in the 'Sex With a Beast' Series)


Tags: ParanormalVampireWerewolfAlphaPossessiveSexKidnapBWWMFamilyLuna
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3 months later...

Jason stood on the balcony that overlooked their rear field of their home. He watched silently yet observantly as Aniyah and Jess took part in an intense training session with Maya.

Once Maya proceeded to finish up their session, Jason made his way to the field where he met the exhausted yet proud girls. <……