Married to the Devil (REVISED)

Colored Hands Romance

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Janine Rivera is a 19-year old senior high school student in a public titution. She is known to be pretty, kind and naive all her life despite the fact that she has an abusive mother who tends to hate her to the core. She only wanted to achieve usual dreams, but that is not the case until Nash Trevor Laxamana went ide her little box- not to drag her out of it, but keep her safe and sound with him.

She has never been in love until she gets to know him. It felt like fairytale- it is indeed one until he promised to marry her, assured her some years and left for another country to help the family business prosper. She waited for him patiently, even though he missed the quota.

It was intense misery.

She is open to the fact that being married to him is nothing easy. But she never knew it could be more complicated until things started to swing both sides, dragging her to something she never knew would make so much sense.

The truth that lies within their marriage... what could it be?

Warning: Matured scenes ahead. Read at your own risk.

Date started: December 24, 2019
Date ended: June 26, 2020

Cover by Revekhas


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