Krystal Novitzke Suspense/Thriller

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What if you had a premonition of your abduction?

What if you knew in three weeks you were going to be beaten and taken to an unknown location by a complete stranger?

Bianca Burke had a normal, carefree life until her world was turned upside down when she foreseen her own kidnapping. With one detailed and very realistic vision Bianca was left wondering who would do such a thing.

Three weeks is all she had and with gifts being left on her doorstep she feels the pressure weighing down on her. Unable to escape the inevitable she forces herself to endure unforgivable actions by her stalker, whom is closer to her than she ever imagined.

Just when she thinks that it is finally over and she can't be put through worse she realizes it isn't over yet.


Tags: RevengeStalkerPossessiveKidnapForcedParanoidDramaTragedy
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Chapter Twenty Six


“Would you stop cleaning!”

“No, I feel like this place has to be like Queen Elisabeth’s castle or something and have not a speck of dust anywhere since you had to invite your friend over again.”

“You know I just invited him because he has a thing for Lillian.”