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I knew all too well about mates and other supernaturals. What I had never expected, was to be mated to Some rich, arrogant alpha who thought I was a weak human being.

Not only did he embarrass me, he rejected me in front of everyone without knowing anything about me. The man was a total jerk who only wanted to be mated to a fellow female alpha, just to gain more power and be the most strongest and feared alpha in the world.

Unfortunately the bastard had no idea of my true origin, I was born a pure blood witch who could manipulate the four elements of the world, earth, water, fire and air.

After such an embarrassment and heartbreak, I vowed to take revenge on the heartless alpha. Not only was I going to strip his pack, power, status and strength. I was going to strip his soul and make him beg in tears and blood.


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Because of your amazingly, unbelievable support. This book. WITCH BOUND. Has made it into Audio.

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