Disguised (Mafia Series #1)


Yashvi Chadha Romance

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When MBA graduate, Adriana Evans, meets the beautiful, mysterious and intimidating, Liam Zacharias, in a bar she feels a pull towards him.
Little did she know he turns out to be her new boss. The CEO of the company she works in.
She tries to stay away from him,
But he wants her and he gets what he wants.
But fate has different plan for them,
They are brought together,
Their chemistry off the charts,
But just as she starts to trust him,
Something from his past is exposed.
A past that made them enemies,
A past she buried long back,
He is her biggest nightmare,
But when truths are exposed,
She is not someone she was raised as,
And for him,
He is someone else disguised as the Billionaire for the world to see.


Tags: billionairemurderalphapossessivearrogantdominantbadboyCEOmafiatwistedbxg
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Author's Note

Hey, all!

I just want to thank each one of you for reading my book and supporting me as an author. It really means a lot. 

I wouldn't have come this far without you guys and your love. And once again thanks for your immense love. 

Disguised has been my first book, that made an author, which I dreamt of for many years.……