Can We Rewrite The Stars?

Minnie Hwang Romance

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Maribelle Alora Elizarde is a enty-year-old woman who doesn't find love as a serious matter. She had been in relationships but for her it is not a thing to be serious about. Not until her mother's long time best friend with her seminarian son visited their house— Noah Adan Salazar.

Maribelle's life turned upside down the moment she met Noah, the only man that made her heart fluttered every second of her day. But Maribelle knows her limitation. She can admire Noah but she can't fell in love with him. He's just going to crush her heart in the end. He's a seminarian, a servant of God. o weeks from now and Noah will be a priest. So, there’s no way for both of them to love each other.

When days passed each by, Maribelle drowned by her uncontrollable feelings for Noah. Even though how many times she sermonized herself that loving Noah is not a good idea but her traitorous heart doesn’t listen to her.

But is she going to stay if she knew the family's secret of the seminarian of her life?

DISCLAIMER: This is a Filipino story.


Tags: possessivereincarnation/transmigrationcursesubmissivesensitivedramatragedybxg
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