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"Hey, Heeeeeyyy...YOOO when you really think about it, fruits are like... a tree's babies...so when we eat cherries are we consuming...its...its babies?" Eden whispered loud enough to where I can hear her.

She was laid out on the ground, one leg bent at an angle and the other leg protruding straight ahead. I sat down next to her relaxed frame and crossed my legs as I continued reading my favorite novel 'I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou'.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I turned only to find a puff of smoke freely exiting her mouth.

"Exactly how high are you chick?" I asked, laughing at her thoughts.

"Bruh I don't really know, I think I saw some shit like that online", we both laughed.

~Author's note~
This is an ongoing story and I upload daily (cause I'm that Bitch). This story revolves around the two main characters Eden and Max. They may or may not be lovers in the end or maybe this will be a love triangle type of type. Nevertheless, they're is some drama to be made, some tea to be spilled, some romance to be explored; as well as, some blood-curdling and chilling psychological thriller to make your toes curl up like curly fries.


Tags: darkopposites attractscandaltomboykickass heroinedramatragedybxgbisexual
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