Cold [Book One]

Amira Vampire/Werewolf

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Tyler has to leave everything behind and marry the Alpha of the biggest pack in the world. She was sold when she couldn't even walk around her house to the Alpha, and now she's marrying his son. Tyler is worried because rumors have told many things about how cold he is. But when she finds out fate has engaged her to her mate, can she resist him? Or better yet, can he resist her?

He's possessive yet COLD.

(WARNING!) This is a FAST PACED story with sexual themes!


Tags: WerewolfDarkPossessiveKidnapPackLove after MarriageKarma/DestinyPregnantArranged MarriageDrama
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~ Tyler~

"London! Get back here baby!" I looked around our new house for my 4-year-old daughter. My pregnant belly was starting to show, and I didn't have time to chase London around the house.

We were going to have a barbecue for the entire pack. I went upstairs and saw Xavier's door cracked open.

"Daddy! Don't let mama take m……