Beautiful Trauma

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"You're mine Caitlin - your body, your heart, your everything. They are all mine. So don't even think about doing anything with it without my permission," he stated and I wanted to hit him square in the face.

"You can't fuck me, if that's what you were thinking," I retorted and for once, I wanted to wipe the proud smirk written on his face.

And then he started moving closer, his hand reaching for my right cheek and my breath hitch at his touch, my skin burning at the sudden contact.

"I can fuck you right here, right now if I want to. And I'm sure by the time you say No, you meant "No, don't stop," he whispered close to my ear and goddamn it, his mere voice is weakening my resolve. And it's making me surrender.

This man, he's my fucking beautiful trauma.


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Caitlin's POV

"I didn't do it, I promise," My hands landed on my waist as I watch Seth hides behind Justin. 

"Hey, why are you hiding behind me. I don't wish to get beaten up at your expense," Justin snickered as he tries to push Seth away from him, my brows furrowing at the sight of them.