The Fictitious Marriage to A Rockstar Billionaire

Shantae Red Billionaire

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"Hello?" Kian answered the phone, voice groggy.

Sniffles were heard through the phone and Kain took a look at his phone screen.

"How could you?" Genalise asked him, crying.
"Baby... What's wrong?"
"I told you I didn't want to be filmed. How could you film us?"

Kian sat up on the bed. Of course, he didn't film them. He made sure to put his phone outside of the room, by the door. He got off the bed and walked to the door.

"Genalise, I swear, I didn't film us." Kian said, trying to calm her down. "You told me not to."

Kian opened the bedroom door and looked down. His Iphone was nowhere on the floor.


Genalise is a huge fan of S From Sinners. Her favorite member, the lead singer of the band, Kian S. After meeting him and giving him her number, Genalise recieves a call from the singer himself, asking to meet up. When she does, her life changes drastically.

Kian is man w***e. Yes, he's a hot guy with a good voice and a very bad attitude. But his lifestyle is bothering his parents, especially his dad. Being walked in on with a fan, Kian's mother threatens to cut the fundings for his shows, studio time and everything else unless he settles down. At first, he feels like he's fucked...That is until his band members remind him about Genalise....


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