The Wolf Inside


Silent Night LGBT+

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Gun is confusingly frustrated by the fact that he likes a boy named Nix who was very kind to him and was his best friend.
Not until he knew They were Destined by the deities above and blessed gun by making Nix his mate.

Nix is kind and a loving person who himself confuses to whenever he felt gun near to him when he turned into a full -fledged alpha, questioning himself if they both undergo in the same heat staying together but always rejecting the thoughts of that because Gun is precious to him too.

But the two of them can't resist the power running in them that will always find their selves resistible to each other. However due to the heat Nix had drive him crazily uncontrollable especially with his mate.

A Best friend who happens to be his destined mate that loved him for so long and ready to be stupid just to be with his alpha. Will The sweet naïve omega best friend of the alpha last long to endure the homophobic attitude of his best friend? Will he still give the alpha a second chance in the future after all the pain he causes for his best friend?


Tags: alphaotherssweetbxbwerewolvesenimies to loversfirst lovefriendshiprejectedstubbornWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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