My Master

Felicia Paulsson Paranormal

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Anastasia (Sia) sat down with a nervouse gesture. She ran her hand trough her hair and looked around. The lobby was big and exclusive. Behind the desk sat a young girl with red curly hair, human of course. Sia was Rogue since o years back. A werewolf with no pack. She left her pack when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating. And on top of all. The girl he was fucking was pregnant. Sia had left everything, her family and friends. But it was for the better. Afterall he wasn't her mate, her real mate.
A light voice got her attention, "Excuse me miss, Mr. Blanc can see you now." The redhaired women looked at her with a bored expression. Sia stood up and took a deep breath before she opened the door the girl pointed at.

She looked at the dark floor and the exclusive rug entering the room. She slowly raised her eyes and looked at a dark silouette that stood by the window. When he turned she lost everything. The smell hit her. Mate, My mate...


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