Alpha Soldier's Mate (Romano Series #5)


San_2045 Romance

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Carter Romano is as difficult as a werewolf can be. He's the General of Special Rogue Torture in military and most feared Alpha of the pack. One incident and that's all it takes for the Council to ask him to take a break. Disappointed at himself, he returns back to his town for a vacation only to have his plans disrupted by the hurricane that is Amelia Knight. She happens to be his mate.

Amelia is running away from things. Royal things sort of. She managed to set up new life in the small town of Alaska hoping to be unseen. But somethings are easier thought than done. When people from past try and haunt her she has no choice but to turn to the person she despises the most- her soldier mate.

Can Carter save the person he had once vowed to protect? Or do they have to run forever?


Tags: adventurealphaprincessdramapacksmall townABO
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