Learning to Love

Kathryn Fuller ChickLit

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Trust is like dropped vase - even when glued together, the scars still remain.

Finally reaching breaking point, Kaydence, a primary school teacher escapes to Scarlett's Rock to get some space from her abusive partner.
Her mother's less than thrilled response to the town has her curiosity piqued but nothing was changing her mind when the opportunity came up.

Matt is your typical cowboy, hard-working, larakin and friend to all in town. From the first moment meeting Kaydence he knew there was something special about her, but like a frightened calf, he knew he had to go slow to earn her trust.

Can he teacher her to learn to love or will the past break everything apart?


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Chapter 16

Khurana Industries, Monday-12 pm.

everyone on this floor, mainly the executive department people, were running like their back was on fire. they were doing their work more attentively than usual. There was a thick tension in the ambience and could be cut with knives.  

"Get out and do it again..."A……