Sucked by the hot billionaire

DIVA Romance

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"All billionaires suck at their heart part" CURSE to his new jet and the bungalow he bought near the sea.
"Guess what ...everyone deserves a second chance " HE tries to negotiate.
"I am ... Sam. Sam Williams", NOW he has a personal reason hate the name, Sam.

Only God knows how much he loves his name but this has to be done, the one and only Xandeir knight is faking his identity but this will be worth it and she will soon to be claimed by him.
"Divya" she replied.
"You faked" her eyes are burning with anger.
"You don't play safe Mr. Xandeir knight or I should say, sir".
"I never play safe my love. Everything is fair in love and war. And for starters, you were mine from the beginning" I replied with a smirk on my face.
"Really. Then fine with me. I am doing my specialty in playing safe. I will be never yours at any cost".
"Wanna bet" wishing her to say yes.
"Oh try me. The reward will be the same as always... my anything and everything"
"And same on my side " which is already yours, my conscience replied.


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Xandeir was having his favorite time but then he heard his boy, “Dad, do not eat mom, right in front of me”.

Xandeir irritated replied, “Why where did you think, you came from? You ungrateful child”. ‘always disturbing me’ he murmured to himself. Divya made a distance between her and her husband but Xandeir pushed her waist to his.