Rubet Ignis - Red as Fire

Nekohara Mimi Fantasy

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In an alternate world where a war between humans and demons is about to begin, only the largest hybrid kingdom will be able to stop them, causing Princess and Prince to look around after whoever will assume the throne of Maou, ruler, and sovereign of not only their kingdom but of all the Demons.

While on Earth where only Humans exit, the Princess' children live the last days of peace with their friends before they return home, including a human girl who doesn't know that she'll be dragged into this magical world, where Mika, the fire-haired young lady is seen always in places of tragedy, or where Maou's powers was felt, making her the only key to finding them, the person capable of stopping the imminent war.


Tags: AdventureKarma/DestinySecond ChanceNeighborRoyaltyChildhood CrushGirlpowerContestBxGBxBGxG
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1. The Girl with Red Hair

Chapter 1

The wind blew softly between the leaves of the tree, raindrops falling on the ground, slowly drenching it further after the storm that just happened earlier as some people gathered at Maou Castle, where the Arkabelian ruler was supposed to be.

"We have to find them ……