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Brumel: Exterminati sunt

Jan Paolo Jovellanos Science Fiction

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In the beginning of 1964 a nuclear fallout shelters was proposed after the close call of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. A proposal was made to President John F. Kennedy they wanted to make a self sustaining hidden city that will strive far away from any interference of outside Society. It was called Project Formicary all the inhabitants chosen base not only for their skills but also for their good genes. After all the catastrophe that happened with JFK Assassinated by the Russians, that eventually lead to the WW3 was inevitable.

It is now 2014 Pvt John “Esca” Escanor is part of the military force of Formicary joined the cause to feed his newly started family. The colony has been buried up to 2,000 metres below the ground but is divided to 4 Sections he is staying at the most crowded place in the colony, all of the people are categorized base on their skill levels to be placed at 4 Sections depending on their contribution to the colony, the Colony is projected to house up to 3 million individuals but right now it is now sitting at 1.5 millions and counting, yet the power structure is still shifting, because even with that capacity of each. Sections are never fully materialize because of ranking all the most skilled individuals are placed in Sec 3: Pulchra the main scientific & research facility with all the best benefits the colony can offer Sec 2: Agricolae supplies all the agriculture foods from crops to fishes. Sec 1: Militibus stands as the full fighting force for the colony & at the same time serves as the colonies police, they provide man power & equipment, while also being the main weapons & construction equipments facilities, and lastly the Sec 4:Súpplici mainly civilian population.


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