A Spider's Venom

KrishnaSelvi N Fantasy

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Yelena is one of the most notorious assassins in the kingdom of Asterix. Although noone has ever found out her identity, everyone knows of her as the assassin who has never missed a target.
One day, a client comes out to her with a request she has never gotten before. kill the crown prince of Asterix. She's confident to finish the task but things didn't go as planned. She lands herself in the competition of becoming spider to him with other well qualified competitators.
What happens if the crown prince fall for her?
Will she carry on with her mission?
Read to find out.


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It didn’t take long to spot him, the Crow clawed hilt of his sword glistening in the sunlight. Yelena forced her way through the undead mass until his eyes flickered to her. 

“Ah, Yelena my dear, you’ve made it. Impressive. I thought you would take an hour more at the least.” Corbar smiled, though warmth was far gone from his sneering face……