Her Vampire Master Book two

Jane Knight Vampire/Werewolf

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"If I hear you say you want to die the next words out of your mouth will be 'I'm hungry' and it won't be for sweets, my love." Charles practically growled at Elizabeth.

Will Elizabeth finally find a way home? Or will she accept her fate and tell Charles the truth about her past?


Tags: VampirePossessiveSexTime-travelForcedDominantWitchDramaTwistedDreameSeed2019
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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Weddings were not expected to be grand affairs, a simple small gathering of family and close friends in a chapel and an announcement sent out to acquaintances was the social norm. No one would think it too odd if the newlywed couple didn't set up their own household, extended family living together was more common than not especially while trav……