Wings of Desire

Fatima Zaidi Romance

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Whisper of her lips,
Her breath on my face,
Eyes, piercing the soul,
She is my doom!

Freya Morenson is under the protection from a guardian angel since she was thirteen and her father died. Little did she knows that her guardian angel is not only actually a rebellious, demoted Archangel and next King of Heaven but also that he is also fighting his feelings for her.

Alexander is the archangel everyone fears but only person who anchors him is a human he had been guarding for few years now. As he makes the mistake of revealing himself to her on a night of accident, he comes to realise that girl is like an addiction to him. No matter how hard he tried he can't walk away from her.

What fate brings in for them as they both grow forbidden desires for each other and the all powerful archangel have a isted past to deal with?


Tags: forbiddenpossessivebadboypowerfulprinceroyalty/nobledramasweet
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