Starknight: Bellefonte Series, Book 1

Sonya Gammon Other

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When the man who terrorized her and her family gets out of prison, Allison Pritchard knows he'll be coming after her. A star traveler becomes her unlikely ally in fighting off the ghosts of her past as the two of them embark on a mission to save local girls from the hands of human traffickers. Allison's husband has also gone missing and when she finds out what has happened to him, she discovers secrets about his life that devastate her to the core. Meanwhile, a Catcher is trying to capture and imprison the star traveler. He is set to use one of only two machines in the county, located near Bellefonte, to disintegrate the traveler's body and to capture his essence. Can Allison and the star traveler she has bonded with defeat the Catcher and the criminals who want to take revenge on her?


Tags: ActionAdventureParanormalRevengeLove after MarriageWeirdBxG
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Chapter 29

Allison put her phone down on the nightstand and pulled on a clean pair of blue-and-green checkered shorts. She had put on a dark-green tank top before the phone had rung.

“Did you get that?” she asked Breyer silently as she slipped him into the left-hand shorts pocket.

“Yeah, I heard it. Did that State Farm agent have a cold?”