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Stary writing Academy III Girl power: Rebirth of the Heroine.

< The Conqueror System has successfully been Activated >

Mia heard the message from the system as she opened her eyes.
< After kicking their asses using the dragon system in the past world and the vampire system in the future world, you have proved to be capable of using the conqueror system >

< Congratulations, You will therefore be taken to the Underworld to fight in the 'All Species Combat' you will be representing all humans species to fight against other species. >

< For the past 200,000 years human species have never been able to win the combat. But this time, it won't be so, cause we have a Vampdragon in an human form >

Mia sighed as she dressed up. "Time to kick their asses.

The beginning of the story contains how she was given a dragon system and later a vampire system before finally gaining the Conqueror System.

This is a system book to those who love system books and this book plans to update daily... Invite your friends to read so we could have a lot of views and followers. Together, we will get this book to a 250+ chapter. Please, don't just view the book, add it to your library, follow and comment.

December 2021-chapter 60✓
January 2022-Chapter 110✓
February 2022-Chapter 160✓
March 2022-Chapter 210✓
April 2022-Chapter 262✓

Book 2 of this novel will be continued
Chapter 263-Chapter 400 and so on..

Thank you, love from CSManga.( ˘ ³˘)♥


Tags: revengesecond chancekickass heroinebxgmysteryswordsman/swordswomansword-and-sorcerymagical worldself discoverrebirth/reborn
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Chapter 262: It could get worse

The next day had arrived and when Xander had woken up, he had faint bags under his eyes. Mia eventually managed to get some sleep, but she didn't seem to have fared much better either.

"Didn't get much sleep?" Mia asked.

Xander shook his head while looking at Robin who seemed to still be sleeping peacefully away.……


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