Keeping Kara

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Keeping Kara

When Lucas Cartier heard strange noises coming from the backyard of his new house, he wasted no time in reaching for his gun and going to investigate with the sole purpose of blowing whatever foul forest animal it was into non-existence.
What he found, however, buried face first in the cupboards of the back house was no raccoon.
Wide eyed, foul mouthed and thin, the girl had been the last thing he expected. And so had been the force and depth with which her beauty struck him.
But damn her beauty, she had been trying to steal from him, so he did what was only right. Tossed her over his shoulder for a mean interrogation. Things go terribly south however, when the girl flees. Twenty thousand Francs of his money gone along with her!

Kara Kingsley is good at running. In fact she’s done it all her life. Running from her step-father, the police, her own father, thugs, she’s done it all, and she really does think an award should be made ready for such skillful running. So when a large, chauvinistic cave man who assumes he can keep her still by saying “sit” comes along, she shows him what she’s best at. Running. And thousands of Francs richer! The problem, however, arises when he finds her… and the things he unexpectedly finds her doing. Needless to say, it was the last day she ever let herself skinny dip!
Maybe she can outrun him again, but how… just how the hell will she outrun these strange things he makes her feel?


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Kara's face hurt from laughing, but she couldn't seem to stop. She snuggled closer to Lucas in the huge cushioned swing where they sat in Isabelle's garden, surrounded by family.

"You haven't stopped blushing since we got home, Lucas!" Isabelle teased with a side eye, making Celeste chuckle.

Luc ignored them, holding Kara tighter as ……