Collateral Beauty

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"I was minding my own business, enjoying a beautiful winter noon, at my brother's wedding reception, when all of a sudden you happened. Why is it that whenever I am peaceful, you happen?"

Charlie scrutinized, looking at the woman in front of him, that he abominated with all his willpower.

"You are just over-exaggerating..." She rolled her eyes, popping a bubble out of the gum, she chewed casually. Her dark fringed hair falling over her big green eyes.

"Did I say I was done talking?"

The octave pitch of his voice triggered her impulsiveness.

"Jeez! Where the hell did your men bring me? Back to the sixteenth century?", She smirked knowing she hit a nerve, visible through his vexed expressions.

"Listen!" She got up from her seat but stopped, as Charlie turned around, grabbing a file, throwing it across the coffee table in front of her.

Giving him a notorious look, she picked up the file and read through the contents. Her nerves wrecked as she looked at Charlie's taunting expressions.

Her brain saw red and she jumped at him, not even caring she was inside the Prince's office, pouncing on him viciously.


When a video goes viral, Prince Charlie, comes across the same woman, he once, so ever hated the guts of.

Taking her under his surveillance, he unearths her past, wheeling her onto a journey and discovering her secrets along the way.

Where his duties are challenged as a Prince, his rights as a human are compromised.

Demanding him to choose between Love and Duty.

The ruthless Prince and the Collateral runaway Princess, that make the perfect blended cup of Royalty and Crime, Stubbornness and Kind.

Book 2 to Prince and Charming. Could be read as a stand alone.


Tags: Opposites AttractKickass HeroinePrinceRoyaltyMafiaGirlpowerContestBxG
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