The Prince and His Involuntary Bride


Amy Shahid Romance

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"I hate it that I have to spend each and every second of my day, having your presence around me."

Charlie grunted his anger out on Celeste who stood looking straight at Charlie, her face void of any expressions.

She simply rose one eyebrow at him and put up a faux smile and Charlie could tell that she was about to hit him back with her strongest weapon - Sarcasm.

"You know, I don't enjoy seeing your face either. You are not a luck charm for me and I don't win a lottery or hit a jackpot every time I see your face. If it makes you feel any better, even I cannot wait for all of this to be over and get out this jail that you have locked me up in!"


Celeste is a small time waitress who aspires to be the hostess of the club she waitresses at and open her own club one day.

Her dreams are about to become a reality when she gets an opportunity to serve as a replacement hostess for a secret event at the club.

But things go down hill for her when the secret event turns out to be the bachelor party of the Crown Prince and when one of the guest tries to create a scene with Celeste and her team, the groom's brother Charlie steps in and saves Celeste.

But soon Charlie finds out that Celeste is not just some common girl and instead has a past which questions Charlie's responsibility as a prince and now he has to look after Celeste and keep her under his surveillance, that also without anyone getting suspicious about the two.

But how would he do that without anyone doubting him and his intentions?

Well you guessed it right, he forces her to marry him by trapping her in a cunning situation where she can not say not to him.

And what would Celeste do in a situation that she doesn't want to be a part of?

She would not only just fight Charlie but also rebel against each and every decision he would make, making it difficult for him to survive their marriage as well.

But how would love and romance brew in such a situation where hate and loath are housed?

This is a sequel to The Prince and The Charming.
Could be read as a stand alone!


Tags: opposites attractkickass heroineprinceroyalty/noblemafiacomedybxghumorouslightheartedroyal
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