True Loving

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The world simply isn’t what Humans have been led to believe, once upon a time they knew about all the things that crept around in the dark and then they become ignorant.
The humans don’t know what is about to hit them, the things that raises the hair on the back of their necks is nothing compared to who is joining them at school this year.

The Night sisters have been let out. They are on a mission from their father, Carlos- the King of the vampires. These three girls may seem normal at first glance, dark hair, angelic features and bodies to make any man stop and stare, but nothing is ever as it seem, especially when it comes to these girls. They are the only hybrids in existence, half vampire, half witch. They have all the benefits and none of the weakness. The true terror of the girls is the youngest of them, Analize Night – Trained and goal orientated with a heart blackened by vengeance, her hatred aimed at the human, filth that she sees as beneath her. And now she has to blend in beeen them. She has to seduce them and by order of her father she isn’t allowed to spill a drop of blood. Lay low he it is that easy.
Four unexpected boys are about to have the time of their life with these angels of the underworld. All of them more ignorant than ever
Hopefully the girls behave... and hopefully they don’t

Don’t miss the story of the dark princess and her dangerous past.


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