Mate. Mine.

Lady Trex Vampire/Werewolf

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Mirko is the Alpha of the Black Devil Pack, a notorious pack famous for the most powerful warriors. People whispered that they descended from a Pure Wolf that was kidnapped by a Red Rouge whose mate was never created. Therefore all the following Alphas of the pack were cursed to be mateless and becoming feral. Well, at least up to Mirko’s great grandfather that got killed protecting a female, thus rebalancing the crimes of the past.
Among trainings and duties, he attends high school at Hillwood, which is part of his huge territory.

Elena is the first born daughter of Alpha Giacomo and Luna Elisa, and is a very beautiful and independent teen that loves running in the woods with Titilas (her wolf) and is constantly creating troubles and enjoying her young life.
Due to some complications, Elena and her friends are basically forced to go to a new school which happens to be in Black Devil Pack! They aren’t happy to go into the territory of the mateless warriors wolves who are said to have kidnapped her great grandma and forced her to be a Luna before she killed herself (at least this is what they have heard, but you know, you can never trust these old folklore stories).

What happened when Elena meets Mirko, who has never expected of meeting his mate so soon? And how would her pack members react seeing her Alpha's daughter being the mate of that Alpha from the most scariest pack?
This story will bring you into a world that you wish to be part of and never go back to your reality... and you wish yourself to hear that simple, but powerful word, the one that everyone of us wish to hear: MATE.


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Everything looked like to be in a slow motion, the hair of my neck standing up and making me shiver slightly while a warm sensation was invading me like a fire that feeds up from my soul. I slowly turn around to face the most beautiful creature I have ever posed my eyes on, and trust me I have done that several times to both bo……