Call me, If you Dare! √


Yui Ismutomo Fantasy

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Everyone in my town knows the story about Lucifer. If you call him four times while surrounded by a glass of blood, three candles, and kneel on his symbol it is said that he will come and do anything bad to someone you hate.

Well, that's the urban legend they told me when I was 5 even though I didn't want to find out the truth.

Until one stupid night when I agree to do the dumbest thing in a truth or dare game.

A glass of blood, three candles, and the symbol of him around me before I call him.

And that was when my life changed...


Tags: forbiddendominantmanipulativebxgmysterydaemonvampiredemon
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Welcome back, Luna

-- 50 years later --

Sniffs, I wipe my tears when I finished re-read the books for a hundred times.

Sighed, I lean on the library chair thinking about love like that.

It was good but sad in the end.

Why they can't be end tog……