His Special Hybrid Coralanna

Christina McQueary Steamy Stories

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Book 2 of the Silver Moon Series

Coralanna Baker is a hybrid who was taken by the Red Moon Pack who killed her parents, then used and abused her for nearly ten years because she is a hybrid. After an especially brutal beating, Coralanna finally manages to run. Upon seeking protection from the Silver Moon Pack, she meets Andrea Braden, the most powerful hybrid in the pack, who helps to nurse her back to health.

Anton Biloxi is Andrea's brother. When he visits his sister upon her request to meet a new hybrid that she feels a connection to, he learns that Coralanna is his fated mate, but she has been abused for many years and has a fear of men because of what the Red Moon Pack did to her.

Will Anton be able to find the time and patience to wait for his mate to trust and not fear him? Will Coralanna be able to overcome the pain and fear in her heart that makes it hard for her to trust others?


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