Melody de la Douleur

Stella Purple Fantasy

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“There is no such thing as an innocent student exchange.”
─Annalyss Saw

St. Luthias Design School and St. Lathios Music School are parts of the largest art school in Almatania. Managed by the same LunaCentral Foundation, both schools are purposely built adjacently according to the twin towers design: The Twin Garden. As the name implies, the two buildings have the exact same shape and structure. Both sections of this school cover an area of ​​one-tenth part of the country, where spring feels like it never stops.

(Book #1 of Deadly Melodies)


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“Well done, Miss Saw,” a low and tenuous voice draws me out of my daze. I can not erase this feeling of familiarity as my gaze losts in the spectators, with thousands of eyes staring at me, almost like an endless sea. The spell works. They are not rushing to kill themselves, that much I know for sure is a good sign. So why are they so si……