Venus Vs Mars Pt.II

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There's no denying that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Many light years ago, the Martians looked through their telescopes and discovered the beautiful Venusians. They fell in love and quickly invented space travel and flew to Venus. The Venusians welcomed the Martians with open arms and bright smiles. Then they decided to fly to Earth.

In the beginning everything was wonderful and beautiful. But the effects of the earth's atmosphere took hold, and one morning everyone woke up with a peculiar case of amnesia. Both the Martians and Venusians forgot that they were from different planets and were suppose to be different. And since that day men and women have been in conflict.

Marriage has given Venus Vs Mars a completely different meaning.


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Chapter 29

"Where!? Where Ace!? You have like four precent body fat! Where does cellulite have space to form on you body!?" Odell frowned and pressed his lips together, cocking his head forward.

"That's like physically impossible! Every woman has cellulite ODELL!" Massy yelled back at him and leaning forward.

"Spell cellulite!……