Daddy's Little Girl

O-Brosey Horror

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Kathryne Dougherty, a 16 year-old girl mysteriously wakes in an abandoned hospital, but she's not as alone as she thinks. She and a sheriff quickly discover the world is not as it once was, the dead walk the earth. They head out to find their families, finding others along the way. The road ahead brings many life-threatening decisions and tough choices, will they ever see their family's again, alive?


Tags: CultKarma/DestinyFriends to LoversTomboyKickass HeroineComedyTwistedBxG
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“Hey, you alive in there?” The voice says again through the speaker. This time Reginald goes for the mic, knocking his head on a lower ceiling of the tank. I laugh lightly at his pain, the vibration running through the metal interior.  

“Hello? Hello?” Reginald calls.  

“There you are. You had ……