Sirens of the Abyss

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I never would of imagined I'd be the future Queen of the Seven Seas.
Faleen Sires had become a killer of the deep on her 18th birthday;She didn't get a card by the way, just a tail with a deadly spike at the end.

Following in her families planned destiny for her. She realizes it isn't what she wants and starts the veer off the path. In doing so she meets the Charming, Flirtatious and quite cocky Theo of the Seven Seas, Poseidon's Son.

Her father gives her a black pearl necklace that unbeknownst to her will change her life forever.

Tragedy strikes when her father is murdered and now the murders are coming after her. Theo brings her to the Kingdom of Abynea and the pearl that was given to her starts to slowly change her. She starts to obtain abilities like no other Siren has in the Seven Seas but it comes at a price.

Theo and Faleen soon fall for one another but will Faleen surrender to the black pearl's allure and lose herself to what dark secret is hidden in the abyss or will she rise above it all and fulfill her own calling in life?

Two souls collided and there fate decided.
For what was hidden in the Abyss
Theo and Faleen Could not resist


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Chapter 57

-Faleen POV-

I struggled to crawl up the shore. The contractions were unbearable now. I needed to get some place safe. The cabin was the first thing I thought of hopefully I could make it in time. I was finally able to stand but I was running on adrenaline. My mind was focused on my baby.

I got to the cabin's porch when I heard the t……