Sirens of the Abyss

KayMarie Fantasy

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-Faleen Sires-
I was now a killer of the deep. A part of me couldn't help to woo men to their deaths and the other wanted nothing to do with it. Despite my attempts to be normal,
my family forced me into living the life they destined for me.
Until I found myself with the wickedly handsome Prince of the Seven Seas, Poseidon's son Theo and my destiny changed...

-Theo of the Seven Seas-
Finding Faleen Sires was the last thing I expected. She was a spitfire, gorgeous and deadly. Even her mouth couldn't be controlled.She had fire in her spirit and I was going to make her mine.

"She's ruthless Theo! She stabbed you in the back literally." I laughed at my sister's statement, "Yeah she slapped me too when i first met her, guess I like the danger huh?" I winked back at her.

Two souls collided and there fate decided.
For what was hidden in the Abyss
Theo and Faleen Could not resist


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Chapter 23

-Theo POV-

Faleen took off her clothes and dove into the water with me and instantly changed.

I loved seeing her siren form. She was so exotic and pure. Her emerald scales gleamed in the water.

"Well...are we going or what?" she asked.

I dove in front of her and changed into a siren myself.

She looked over at me and……