The Billionaire Alpha's Prized Possession


StellaKMary LGBT+

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[P.S: featuring mature scenes]

The memories of his pack and his brother's death causes Lowe to shut out a part of his memory when he falls off a clip while running away from the murderer. He is rescued by a kind billionaire who asks for nothing in return except for taking care of his only daughter. Lowe is ready to be filial as he can be. He asks to marry his lifesaver's daughter even though he does not love her.

However, on the engagement day, a business partner slash Alpha billionaire named Ethel ruins everything. His appearance causes Lowe to have a constant severe headache, resulting in a fragment of old memories' return, especially those on the night of his pack's murder. He remembered smelling the same scent as the one on Ethel right now.

Lowe commits to finding out more about Ethel, hoping it will help to unlock his memories. However, things go out of hand when their closeness seems to unlock something more from the depth of his heart.

What will Lowe do if he ends up falling for the person he suspects killing his entire family?


"Mr. Billionaire wants to become my Alpha? Do I hear things?" I roll my eyes and fold my arms across my chest.

"No," he said, stepping closer, caring not that he is invading my personal space. "You've heard it right. I want to claim and mark you as mine." He circles my waist and pulls me in until our faces are mere inches from each other. "And I will do everything to make that happen. What I want is what I get. There is no escape from me, little one."


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