Chasing My Mate

Benita Ritz Fantasy

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Erika has been raised to breathe fire, not literally but she does have a gift which allows her to have control over the fire element. She has been taught to fight like a warrior and trained to lead the pack as a Beta. She is the Beta of Red moon pack and she is proud of it. She will do everything for her pack and won't hesitate to give up her life if that's all it requires. But she's the mate of the Alpha of River Red. If she mates with the Alpha then she has to leave her Beta status and become the Luna of River Red but she is least willing to leave her pack and she is stubborn about it. She has never learned to give up and neither will she give up her Beta status for a Mate... well that's what she thinks.

Andrew is the Alpha of River Red, a pack located in Alaska which is secluded from almost the whole world. It's the Annual Alpha Meet in the Red Moon pack and he has no intentions to go to the event but in no time he finds himself in the Red Moon pack and.... he finds his mate there but she disappears just like Cinderella. But he is not Prince Charming. He's the Alpha of one of the strongest pack who needs his Luna. But his Luna has a way to run away from him. He will do everything to get her and follow her to the depths of hell if that's where she goes.

Follow Andrew in his chase to get his Mate, his Luna.


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