The Blind Alpha and His Maid

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By ruling the werewolves kingdom, Alpha Ekon was on the top even as a businessman. But unfortunately, he lost his kindness and trust in every female by losing his sight in a car crash. While healing his eyes needed more time, he needed a maid as well to take care of him all the time.

But Elina only dreamed of generally living among humans and continuing her education. Her stepmother had another opinion, though. Being forced to work wasn't that bad, especially the salary was too good. Until, she met the blind, heartless Alpha Ekon. Time had stopped there. There was no way she could run away. She was his the second she signed the contract to be his maid.

She became his eyes___ He became her home.

Until his sight came back to him. That's when Elina's half-sister replaced Elina to take Alpha Ekon heart.


"Stop stalking me everywhere! Don't you know that I do have a girlfriend and I will get mated with her soon?" Alpha Ekon yelled at Elina who just wanted to scream and ask him how he wasn't able to recognize her voice.

"How could you? Do you love her?" she finally dared to ask him.

He pushed her out of his office "you! Why does your voice remind me with..."?

She cried out, losing the ability to hold her tears anymore "your vision is perfect now, but eyes could see not everything. Ask your heart, who am I to you."

It was hard for her to be around anymore and watch her love fade, hopes vanished, her heart bled watching him hand in hand with her younger sister in their mating ceremony.


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