Married to the Alpha

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Mariyah Aragon's only goal in life was to give her family a better life. In order to achieve this goal, she needs to study and work hard to pay off her parents' sacrifice for her. And she achieved it.

One night, she was ordered by her mom to return a white handkerchief and pay a sum of money her mother borrowed to her Aunt Helen, she obeyed her by thinking it was just the only order to her.

But she was deceived by the person she least expected to do it. Her mom literally paid her debt. Neither a money nor a letter of extension for the payment was given, she was the payment. She is the payment.

She swallowed hard as she stared at those pair of dark grey eyes. She's standing alone with him in his open balcony, doesn't know why she was there and how did she get there.

But her mind can't seem to perceive what is happening after hearing those words to him.

Did she hear him right?

Was she really married to him?

And what really shook her world, was she really married to the Alpha?


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