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She nodded before unbuttoned the over-expensive looking fur coat and the guard took it from her, exposing her virginal white dress to me. One could tell that she was full in all the right places.

Her breasts seemed firm and her hips were so wide. She had an almost perfect hourglass shape. The dress seemed to stretch firmly. I cleared my throat and looked away from her.

“Um, how may I help you?” I stood my ground and raised an eyebrow at the guard who seemed close enough to the beautiful woman.

“I believe, I have an appointment with you” her voice destroyed my resolve and my eyes dropped to her.

Her voice was smooth and velvety. Like milk and honey. She had an accent but I wasn’t familiar with it.

“Oh! Oh!” You must be um…” I muttered before taking the file on my table.

“You must be Mrs. Sewa Barnes?” I asked


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03 - Candy

“She was fucking hot, Man. I have to give her that” Simon, my best friend, and co-therapist said and I couldn’t help but think back to the beautiful lady. She looked like she was dipped in chocolate and gold. Her legs could go on forever, her eyes were entrancing, and her accent was too sexy to be ignored

“She married?” He asked again, and……