The King's Prize

Wayne Mansfield LGBT+

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"Pan is a simple, honest farm boy. In all his nineteen years, he has only ever known his father’s farm. Yet in the few moments each day he has to himself, he dreams of another life -- something more than the back-breaking work, the loneliness, and the dirt of the farm.

One morning his prayers are answered in a most surprising and unexpected way. Roused from his sleep by one of King Seronisis’ hulking Hapsid Troopers, Pan is escorted from the bosom of his family and transported in a creaky wooden cart to the king’s palace, where he is to join the famous harem. During the journey Pan is taken advantage of by the insatiable Hapsid Troopers, who explain their carnal attentions as merely ‘preparations for the king.’

Yet upon Pan’s arrival at the palace, a routine physical examination uncovers a secret that will set him apart from the other men and boys of the harem. But is this a good thing or a bad thing? Will Pan’s life be all he has dreamed? Or a nightmare?

Only the king can decide. And his word is law."


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Chapter 7

The following night the palace was ablaze with lights and music filled the balmy night air. Every member of the Harem had spent most of the afternoon preparing themselves for the feast by washing and oiling their bodies, rinsing their hair with perfumed water and chewing mint leaves to ensure their breath was fresh and their cum was sweet.