Second Chances

Elle M Thomas Romance

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Eleanor is recently divorced and reluctantly agrees to a night out with her best friend, Maxine and a group of colleagues. It's there that she meets fellow divorcee, Aiden.
There is an instant attraction, a spark that neither of them can deny.
Can they each overcome the memories and scars of their past to make any kind of future together? Or will it be the real and present obstacles that prevent them taking the second chance the other might be able to offer.


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Chapter 49 - Epilogue

“Can you just breathe in?” Maxine is cross and her annoyance only serves to amuse me which in turn makes her even more pissed off. “You are not fucking helping!”

“Sorry,” I say on a stifled giggle.

“Yeah, you sound it.”

“Okay, let’s try again.” I breathe in, as best I can and will the zip of my dress to go up without breaking.<……