One-night-stand with that billionaire

White Whale Romance

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Jessie Smith was an unknown movie actress, so beautiful and full of life. She was married in secret to the man of her dreams, a man she had admired for years. She was living a life based on his expectations.
One night after finishing one of her sexy movie scenes, she was shocked to find her husband proposing to another actress. Her heart was broken. Did he ever love her or was their marriage nothing, but a lie? Shortly after her divorce, out of desperation, she does something that she never thought she could do.
She ends up having a one night stand with a strange man. Later, she finds out that she is pregnant. Steve Martin, the man that she slept with can't forget about their passionate night they spent together. He will stop at nothing to find her.
And what will Jessie do?
Can they have a happy ending?


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