The Divine Dissimulation [Complete]

Martin Lundqvist Sci-Fi

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When God dies, A villain takes his place. In the year 2785, the wealthy villain Abraham Goldstein develops a machine that transfers his consciousness to heaven. Once in heaven, he finds out that God is dead. He also finds advanced alien mind control technology he can use to convince people that he is God.

Many years later Abraham rules over a group of unwitting captives on the artificial Bronze Age colony Eden. He rules with terror and fear, following the ancient laws until one day when an accident turns Lucifer, his closest accomplice against him. An event that plants the seed of Abraham's destruction.

Meanwhile an ancient force is conspiring in the background hoping to return to our world.


Tags: BillionaireSpiritualDarkReligionHinduOuter SpaceSadisticArrogantPowerfulTycoon
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Chapter 97 Epilogue

Keila had the most reliable connection with the Zetans experienced by them for thousands of years.  This relationship gave her an immensely strong bond with them that manifested in her visions. The Zetans though not divine per se had extremely high intelligence and the ability to estimate future outcomes accurately. This ability gave them a……